The music lesson with a "chef d'orchestre"

As soon as school started, the 5th grade class had its first hour of music with a conductor.

“When you think of a conductor, you immediately think of his baton! However, he does not always need it! said Ayoub after meeting Mr. Alexandre Bloch, conductor and musical director of the Orchester National de Lille. The baton only serves, in fact, to extend the arm so that the musicians who are far away can see the conductor clearly.

This is what Mr. Alexandre Bloch explained to us in music class.

We present to you Alexandre BLOCH:

Profession: Conductor, and he says he is an artist who wants to share emotions with the public.
Instrument learned in his youth: the cello
Conductor competition: he has passed several, including the one in London, which he won in 2012
His first success: immediately after the London competition, he had to replace a conductor in Amsterdam at the last minute. For this, he worked on the score all night, and even on the plane, before the concert. That’s what made him famous!
Current position: Music Director of the National Orchestra of Lille. He was also Principal Guest Conductor of the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker

For an hour, we discovered a lot about music and the job of a conductor.

We learned new concepts such as tempo, rhythm, sound volume, desk, conductor and the differences between orchestras in England, Germany or France.

And Mr. Bloch presented the important points of his job to us.
The roles of the conductor:
• He decides how to play a musical work
• He communicates with the musicians, by words (in rehearsal) and by gestures (always!)
• It harmonizes the playing of the musicians

Some skills of the conductor:
• Know how to address all musicians
• Have learned a musical instrument
• Know the instruments
• Be in good physical condition
• Know how to desynchronize the gestures of the arms and hands
• Know how to manage time, especially in rehearsal (he always has a big clock on his phone!!)
We really liked the training exercises for hand desynchronization. It’s not easy, but fun!! Thank you Mr. Bloch for coming to see us!!

Article written by Laurene and Anouk, class of 5A

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