Outings, Exchanges and School Trips

Outings, Exchanges and School Trips

A world to discover and experience

During their time at the school, students have the opportunity to participate in trips that are structured to help them to broaden their horizons, discover new cultures, develop their linguistic skills and to build their independence. Throughout the year, our students can participate in exhibitions, attend concerts, view theatre performances, watch operas or film viewings, visit museums, go on nature outings… all of which are aligned with the school curriculum.

School exchange programmes

The school programme

Two students, two high schools, two countries, one experience… ADN-AEFE (ADN being French for DNA) provides students in Seconde with a student exchange programme to connect with other schools in the AEFE network. By immersing themselves in a new family, educational, cultural and linguistic environment for four to twelve weeks, students can enrich their educational journey while continuing their studies.

The school programme
ADN Carbone 0

The key to this ADN-AEFE programme is the AGORA MONDE collaborative digital platform that is used across the global school network; this is also the platform used for ADN CARBONE 0.

The school trips

Trip to Poland - Year 12 students

The trip to Poland aligns with the school curriculums for history, history/geography, political and geopolitical science in Terminale as well with the creation story of our high school.

It prepares our students to become aware of the challenges of participative democracy in the past, present and future, by studying and visiting sites that are synonymous with the extermination of a people and the annihilation of humanity, the very cornerstone of democracy.

The trip takes students to Auschwitz before tracing back through history, following the trail of Jewish life in Krakow, the Polish countryside and Warsaw.

Students prepare for the trip with lessons, discussion sessions, reflections and workshops at the Mahn-und-Gedenkstätte in Düsseldorf.


This trip is subsidised by a donation from the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah
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